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Knight Protection, Inc. is a highly experienced security company that excels in providing a full range of security services, including: real-time surveillance, alarm systems, and security guard services. We take security seriously, and our services can be customized to meet all of your security needs. Please use the navigation to the right to learn more about the wide variety of services that we offer.

Virtual Escort

Virtual Patrol



Virtual Escort

Dark parking lots at businesses, schools, and multi-family residences are common places for criminals to lurk, which leaves the people using these parking lots vulnerable to criminal activity. Offer your employees, students, or residents the protection that they deserve with Knight Protection, Inc.’s Virtual Escort service. This affordable service will reduce the incidence of crime, while providing peace of mind to people as they walk to and from their vehicles.

When you subscribe to the Virtual Escort service, your parking lots will instantly become safer. The service is very easy to use - a person simply has to call us when they plan to walk through the parking lot, and one of our security technicians will activate security cameras to monitor the area and make sure that the person makes it to their vehicle or into a building safely. If any criminal activity is detected, our technician has the ability to contact the police while activating sirens and strobe lights. The security technician can also speak to the criminal through the two-way communication system that our security cameras are equipped with, which has been proven to be an effective deterrent to criminal activity.

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