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Welcome to
Knight Protection, Inc.
Thank you for visiting Knight Protection, Inc., your source for the best real-time security surveillance available! Our specialized services provide an unmatched layer of protection, so you can rest assured that your property is always safe and secure.

Knight Protection, Inc. utilizes the latest technology to turn your security cameras into the ultimate live monitoring system. One of our experienced technicians will always be watching your property, and our platform gives them the ability to communicate with potential intruders in real-time. While Knight Protection, Inc. will continually monitor your property, you always have the option of accessing your live security feed remotely from any location in the world.

Real-Time Surveillance

Virtual Security Guard Virtual Patrol Virtual Escort Virtual Robbery Suppression

Eliminates the need to
hire costly security guards
to protect your property.

Protects properties that need
visual patrol throughout
the day and night.

Provides your employees
and customers with protection
while they are on your property.

Real-time security surveillance
effectively deters robberies, while also
providing employees with peace of mind.

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Knight Protection, Inc. is a highly trusted, pro-active security company that specializes in monitoring surveillance cameras. We protect you by watching your property through the lenses of your security cameras in real time.

Our monitoring platform has two-way audio capabilities that enable technicians to communicate directly with potential intruders. Our clients also have the ability to access their cameras from remote locations, anywhere in the world. Your property is safe no matter how far you are.

Our technicians are your personal watchdogs; they are trained to be on the constant look out for intruders, as well as other potentially dangerous situations. In addition, we dutifully provide video documentation to our clients, local law enforcement, and insurance companies as directed.

The motion sensor will trigger the camera to pivot,
capturing every movement made.
Our software will instantly generate an alarm, alerting the technician.
The cameras will start recording, in color.
Using two-way audio, the technician will attempt to
make contact with the intruder.
If needed, the technician will call on emergency services.
The client will quickly be contacted and given a copy of the incident.
Our cameras do not cost tens of thousands of dollars per year to
maintain. We believe protection should be attainable.
Our cameras are on time, every time.
Our cameras always tell the truth and never fall asleep.
Our cameras never leave the site, looking out for you 24/7.
We utilize and monitor security cameras that partner high quality with low cost of ownership. If your company currently relies on a security guard firm for protection, we encourage you to switch; we can save you up to 80% on your yearly security expenditures. For a cost analysis of real time surveillance services vs security guard services, click here.

If you already have an IP camera system in place, don’t worry. In most cases we can make use of the equipment you already have with little to no extra charge. We can also install inexpensive encoders to existing analog CCTV systems, enabling video to be streamed to remote locations in real time.

Our abilities are limitless. There’s a lot we can do, and we’d like to show you.


Do You Need Your Security Cameras Monitored?

Knight Protection, Inc sets a new industry standard with our real time video surveillance monitoring service: we not only watch your property through the lens of your security cameras, but we confront intruders vocally, at any time, with the use of custom two-way audio features.
Let us demonstrate how all this can reduce your security costs by 75%.

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