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Welcome to Knight Protection, Inc.

Thank you for visiting Knight Protection, Inc., your source for the best real-time security surveillance available! Our specialized services provide an unmatched layer of protection, so you can rest assured that your property is always safe and secure.

We are a proactive surveillance company that pairs a highly trained team of individuals with advanced technologies to bring you unparalleled security solutions.

Knight Protection, Inc. utilizes the latest technology to turn your security cameras into the ultimate live monitoring system. One of our experienced technicians will always be watching your property, and our platform gives them the ability to communicate with potential intruders in real time. While Knight Surveillance Group, Inc. will continually monitor your property, you always have the option of accessing your live security feed remotely from any location in the world.

Our technicians are your personal watchdogs; they are trained to be on the constant lookout for intruders, as well as other potentially dangerous situations. In addition, we dutifully provide video documentation to our clients, local law enforcement, and insurance companies as directed.

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Our Services

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Real-Time Surveillance

Real-time surveillance is an important tool for safeguarding your business. It involves the use of modern technology to monitor, detect, and respond to potential threats in real time. In the age of increased global terrorism and crime, real-time surveillance has become an essential component of security operations that every business owner should invest in.

Real-time surveillance involves the use of cameras and other sensors to monitor your premises. This technology can be used to detect and alert officials to any suspicious activity, allowing them to respond more quickly and efficiently. Our technicians can communicate with intruders to help deter activity, while alerting the authorities to their presence. This technology can also be used to identify individuals who may be carrying out criminal activities, or any other suspicious activities.

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Event-Triggered Surveillance

Event-triggered surveillance is a type of surveillance system that is activated by an event such as motion detection, sound detection, or a manual trigger. Event-triggered surveillance systems are used in a variety of applications, from home security to industrial monitoring and business security.

The advantages of event-triggered surveillance systems over traditional surveillance systems are many because they only record video when an event occurs, which reduces the amount of storage space needed for video recordings. In addition, event-triggered surveillance systems can be used to detect suspicious activity and alert authorities before a crime is committed.

Event-triggered surveillance systems can also be used to monitor large areas, such as a parking lot or airport. By using motion sensors, they can detect any movement in the area and trigger cameras to start recording. This can help provide evidence in the event of a crime or suspicious activity

What to expect from Knight Surveillance Group, Inc.

We start off by customizing a plan for your location. This involves identifying possible breach points on your property. Next, we select and custom-build surveillance cameras and equipment that will work best for the environment your property is in.

Once all the equipment is installed, we will apply layers of software analytics made only to identify and isolate possible intrusions at your property. Once all the rules and protocols are established our team will take over your site and maintain security so you can rest comfortably.

The surveillance method we have chosen to use is simple at face value yet extremely complex in its inner workings. At face value within our operations center, you will have a team of trained operators who will remotely maintain a visual of your property. This team will be charged with the responsibility of maintaining a proactive watch of your location in true real-time.

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Our team is ready at the touch of a button. Our on-duty dispatcher will then assess the situation and take the recommended steps.

Knight Surveillance Group, Inc offers the home and business security solutions for your needs. Contact us to get started today!

We don’t just record burglaries we help stop them!

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Non-Signal based Approach to Surveillance

It is important to note that in our world, seconds are minutes. We cannot solely use signals as other companies do, yet tell their clients they are surveilling in real time. We have a strict operator-per-camera ratio we maintain to keep a constant watch over your property. With that said, we do use software analytics and AI to our advantage. To put it short — we use everything we can to give us the fastest advantage in stopping criminals from accessing your property.

What We Do Best

In the event that a person or group of people enter a breach zone, the operator assigned to your site will have the ability to engage the person(s) using two-way audio technology.

Depending on the aggressiveness of the person(s), your operator will have the ability to activate bright police-style strobe lighting or activate a 118-decibel outdoor siren. In the event our operator deems the intrusion a crime, law enforcement personnel will be contacted, and officers will be dispatched to your location immediately.

Depending on law enforcement requests and client-approved protocol, a separate member of our team will call the designated person listed first on your prioritized client contact list.

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