Real-Time Surveillance

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Our clients know that Knight Surveillance Grou, Inc. provides industry-leading security protection! One of our most popular services is real-time surveillance, which has proven to be both an effective and cost-efficient method for protecting people and property. Real-time surveillance includes several layers of protection:

  • First, security cameras are installed around your property. The live feeds from these cameras are continually monitored by one of our experienced technicians.

  • Next, sensors are placed in vulnerable spots around your property; an alarm will sound if these zones are breached.

  • In the event that an intruder enters your property, our technicians have the ability to communicate with them through two-way audio, which often deters criminal activity.

  • Our team will then contact the authorities, and the event will be recorded for your records.

Real-time surveillance has numerous advantages over using security guards. For one thing, real-time surveillance costs 65-75% less than utilizing security guards. This adds up to substantial savings on security costs over the course of a year. Our high-tech cameras can monitor a much larger area than a security guard can, and they also provide a recorded account of any criminal activity. Security guards can be late to work, leave early, or fall asleep on the job. With real-time surveillance from Knight Protection, Inc., you will never encounter these problems.

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