Jewelry Stores

Jewelry Stores

It's a fact that more jewelry, coin and pawn shops are getting burglarized each night. Small, lightweight, and extremely valuable, jewelry as well as coins of all kinds can attract the kind of attention you don’t want.

With the value of gold, silver and diamonds remaining relatively constant, and the black-market thriving, you can be sure an attempt or multiple attempts on your shop is coming. Operating under the cover of darkness, burglars cut power and often break in from the roof top to avoid witnesses.

In most cases security guards are too expensive and often unreliable as a means of protection for your store. Burglar Alarms are usually responded to last due to high police call volumes and false triggers. A simple camera system only captures a crime as it happens and has no mechanism in and of itself to deter it.

Knight Surveillance, Inc., has the answer.

Using our advanced surveillance technology working in conjunction with human intervention. Knight., has been securing millions of dollars in inventory each day.

We offer an innovative, interactive approach to afterhours store security.

How it works:

Knight Protection, Inc., will set up and monitor high-end surveillance cameras in real time that are equipped with two-way audio capabilities, strobes and sirens.

In the event a burglar attempts to enter your property our technician who is watching your store in real time will warn the burglar to leave and activate extremely loud sirens while simultaneously calling the police.

Since the crime is being witnessed in real-time by a live operator, it becomes a confirmed crime in progress, which results in immediate police response.