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Car dealerships often have hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars in inventory on their lots, which makes them a prime target for criminals. While most thieves may not be able to get away with stealing an entire car, they do tend to get away with stealing rims and other electronic valuables located within the vehicle. In addition, it’s also possible for catalytic converters to be stolen, as criminals can sell these parts for a couple of hundred dollars per unit. While thieves are making a profit, car dealership business owners are left to suffer the consequences, as criminals can cause thousands of dollars in damages and replacement costs.

There are security solutions such as in-house security guards, but these options can often be ineffective and costly. This is why Knight Surveillance Group, Inc. offers virtual security services that will have your lot completely protected in a cost-effective and successful way. Read below to find out more and contact us to get started today!

Security Solutions For Your Exact Needs

Security Solutions For Your Exact Needs

Our real-time surveillance services at Knight Protection, Inc. are perfect for businesses such as car dealerships that keep expensive inventory in an outdoor area. We understand that all car lots are different and require unique solutions, which is why we will always take our time to adequately assess your property and any focus areas that require enhanced protection. Security solutions should not be a ‘one size fits all,’ which is why we strive to provide the best services made specifically for your property.

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What We Do

After assessing your car dealership's property, our team of experts will install the best in real-time video surveillance and event triggered surveillance so criminals can be caught in the act or stopped before the crime occurs. Our cameras will cover your entire property, which is especially important for large dealerships that offer a wide assortment of expensive vehicles. In addition to surveillance cameras, we can also install police-style strobe lights along with extremely loud alarms to deter criminals from pursuing your property.

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How It Works

Knight Surveillance Group, Inc assigns a dedicated security technician to view a live video and audio feed of your property at all times. In the event a burglar arrives, our surveillance operator will have the ability to speak to the intruder through the two-way audio communication system. Operators can also activate the strobe lights and alarms which in themselves can stop a criminal from continuing with their illegal actions. In addition to these countermeasures, your technician can contact the police at a moment's notice, and since the crime is being witnessed in real-time, it becomes a confirmed crime in progress, which results in an immediate police response. Once all is said and done, a copy of the incident is forwarded to you as well as the jurisdictional law enforcement agency for potential prosecution.

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Why Avoid On-Site Security

There are many reasons to choose our virtual security measures over an on-site security approach, including:

  • Security guards are costly

  • Security guards are only allowed to observe and report crimes

  • Security guards an often lack focus while on the job, especially during long night shifts

  • Security guards can only be in one place at a time

  • Security guards can be a liability as they put their lives at risk

If you are interested in pursuing a greater security solution for your car dealership, there is no better team to work with than Knights Surveillance Group, Inc. We have the knowledge, experience, and equipment to successfully protect your property, so contact us to get started today.

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