Cannabis Dispensaries & Grows

Protection for Cannabis Dispensaries & Grows

In the 1900s, bank robberies and bank burglaries were prevalent and hard for law enforcement to solve. Cases would remain open with little evidence and no suspect information. The chances to get away with these crimes were incredibly high. When it comes to burglaries, marijuana dispensaries have become the new banks.

In many ways, dispensaries are easier to burglarize and carry a larger reward for the criminal. Lax laws regarding property crimes coupled with expensive and highly desired merchandise has created enormous problems for business owners.

With the degradation of state laws, criminals who are aware they run the risk of getting caught also know they will face little to no time behind bars for burglaries. This fact has made the risk-to-reward ratio extremely appealing to criminals.

In the era of marijuana legalization, we have seen many highs and lows come to pass within this industry. The over-taxation from local and state governments along with competing illegal street sales have really put a lot of financial pressure on businesses.

Knight Protection, Inc. can help you restore more profitability by providing proven cost-cutting security methods and better overall nighttime security.

Let our team identify possible breach points in your property and customize a viable plan for you. In the event a person or group of people enter a breach zone, the operator assigned to your site will have the ability to engage the person(s) using our two-way audio technology.

Depending on the aggressiveness of the person(s), your operator can activate bright police-style strobe lighting or a 118-decibel outdoor siren. In the event our operator believes the intrusion is a crime, law enforcement personnel will be contacted, and officers will be dispatched to your location immediately.

How It Works:

Knight Protection, Inc., will set up and monitor high-end surveillance cameras in real-time that are equipped with two-way audio capabilities, strobes, and sirens.

In the event a burglar attempts to enter your dispensary, the technician who is watching your store in real-time will warn the burglar to leave and activate extremely loud sirens while simultaneously calling the police.

Since the crime is being witnessed in real-time by a live operator, it becomes a confirmed crime in progress, which results in an immediate police response.

A copy of the incident is forwarded to you, the client, as well as the jurisdictional law enforcement agency for potential prosecution. Unlike alarm services, we guarantee our service. Request a quote to start protecting your dispensary and your livelihood with Knight Protection, Inc. today.

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