Real-Time Surveillance for Churches

In the advent of the newest Roe Vs Wade Supreme Court ruling and other hot-button topics, houses of worship have become big targets for crime. Knight Surveillance, Inc. is dedicated to protecting the innocent and will count it an honor to customize a cost-effective security plan for your church.

Hiring on-site security guards can be extremely expensive, and there are many disadvantages to this type of service. Real-time security surveillance provides superior protection and costs only a fraction of employing security guards. Knight Surveillance, Inc. offers comprehensive security monitoring that includes top-of-the-line security cameras, as well as intelligent human intervention.

How It Works:

Knight Protection, Inc. will set up and monitor high-end surveillance cameras in real-time that are equipped with two-way audio capabilities, strobes, and sirens.

In the event a burglar attempts to enter your property, our technician who is watching the church in real-time will warn the burglar to leave and activate extremely loud sirens while simultaneously calling the police.

Since the crime is being witnessed in real-time by a live operator, it becomes a confirmed crime in progress, which results in an immediate police response.

A copy of the incident is forwarded to you, the client, as well as the jurisdictional law enforcement agency for potential prosecution.

Unlike many alarm services out there, we guarantee our service. Let us protect the church and its community — request a quote for real-time surveillance today.

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