Real-time Surveillance Vs Security Guards

Real-time Surveillance Vs Security Guards

  • Security Guards- Are Too Costly.

Anyone who has used guard services spends thousands of dollars per month.

Real-Time Surveillance

Can typically save a company that employs guard services 50% to 70% off their annual security expenditures.

  • Security Guards- They are not law enforcement personnel and by law can only observe and report. It is exceedingly difficult to report a crime as it is occurring when the person who is reporting is being either victimized or is in some form a part of the situation.

Real Time Surveillance operators essentially do the same thing, yet it's done as close to perfect as possible. Real-time video surveillance records events as they occur. Knight uses a state-of- the-art video recording platform that cannot be altered. The video maintained in our servers can withstand a forensic audit in a court of law.

Aside from documentation Knight’s real-time video surveillance can safely stop a crime in progress by using a team approach. One operator maintains active watch and proper camera control. While another operator calmly reports the situation with the ability to accurately recall recorded information.

  • Security Guards- Are often alone and can either fall asleep or fight boredom by watching movies or videos on their phones. This can become a total waste of money for the client.

Real-time Video Surveillance operators are human too and all though it's’ true they may also grow tired throughout the night. However, we have many staff members including managers at the operations center. No one can get away with sleeping while working.

  • Security Guards- Can only be in one place at a time. Since humans are not omnipresent, we can only be in one place at a time. It does the client no good if the back of your property is being broken into while the security guard is at the front of the property and vice versa.

Real-Time Surveillance offers a total watch of your property in real-time. We can place cameras anywhere possible.

  • Security Guards- Sometimes leave your property without you knowing. States have rules regarding work breaks. Every employee has the right to leave no less than 30 minutes for lunch breaks and 20 minutes per shift for general breaks.

Real-time Surveillance operators are given breaks as prescribed by law by other staff members who sit in their place while they are temporarily gone. In addition, cameras are always recording.

  • Security Guards- Security guards can be a liability

Limiting the number of people at your business is often wise. With fewer people comes less issues. We're not saying all guards are bad, some are extremely good at what they do. With that said there are bad apples in every people group. Reducing the number of unnecessary people can save you from a lot of issues.

Real-time surveillance- Can only help the client maintain clarity and peace of mind.

Knight Surveillance Group, Inc. is geared toward stopping high speed burglaries and home invasions.

We watch your property in Real Time using advanced security cameras and AI technology.

While other companies say they are real-time we are and can prove it.