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Surveillance for Car Dealerships

Car dealerships often have hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars in inventory on their lots, which makes them a prime target for criminals. Thieves these days aren't only looking for rims and electronics — they are stealing catalytic converters and selling them for a couple of hundred dollars while leaving the business owner with thousands of dollars in damages and replacement costs.

Our real-time surveillance services at Knight Protection, Inc. are perfect for businesses such as car dealerships that keep expensive inventory in an outdoor area. We will assess the size of your lot, and then install our cameras to cover your entire property. During the overnight hours, one of our dedicated security technicians will monitor the live video feeds to ensure that your property — and the vehicles stored on it — are safe.

In the event a burglar arrives, our surveillance operator will have the ability to speak to the intruder through the two-way audio communication system. Operators also can activate police-style strobe lighting and loud sirens that are custom-built onto our surveillance system.

Our unmatched security services can save you thousands of dollars a year while providing the peace of mind that your business is safe and protected.

How It Works:

Our technicians at Knight Protection, Inc., will set up and monitor high-end surveillance cameras in real-time that are equipped with two-way audio capabilities, strobes, and sirens.

In the event a burglar attempts to enter your property, our technician who is watching your store in real-time will warn the burglar to leave and activate extremely loud sirens while simultaneously calling the police.

Since the crime is being witnessed in real-time by a live operator, it becomes a confirmed crime in progress, which results in an immediate police response.

A copy of the incident is forwarded to you the client as well as the jurisdictional law enforcement agency for potential prosecution.

Our real-time surveillance services are guaranteed — reach out to us today to start protecting your car dealership.

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