Why Choose Knight Surveillance for Your Cannabis Dispensary Video Surveillance Needs?

If you operate a cannabis dispensary, you know how important it is to protect your business from intruders. Instead of relying on standard commercial security systems, you need something more advanced. This is where Knight Protection, Inc. comes in. We specialize in a unique approach to proactive surveillance, allowing us to provide the best in security services. Keep reading to learn why you should choose us for your cannabis dispensary video surveillance needs, then contact us to get started.

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Live Security Monitoring

At Knight Surveillance Group, Inc., we strive to provide a surveillance solution you can rely on. That’s why we transform your average security cameras into a state-of-the-art live monitoring system. One of our trained and experienced security experts will watch over your property via live feed, remaining on a constant lookout for criminals and danger.


Real-Time Communication

In addition to our live-feed security systems, our security services allow our technicians to engage in real-time two-way communication with potential intruders. Should anyone break into your cannabis dispensary, we’ll communicate with them immediately and contact your local authorities. Plus, our system records everything for evidence.


Affordable Protection

Many cannabis dispensaries turn to security guard companies for protection, meaning they have an actual guard standing watch on their property. While this is an effective solution, it’s costly. Fortunately, Knight Protection, Inc. is an affordable alternative. In fact, our services cost 65-75% less than hiring a guard.


Customized Security Plan

When you partner with us for video surveillance services, we’ll work with you to create a custom protection plan that suits your location. We’ll identify your property’s weak points and custom-build security cameras to best suit your environment. Once your system is installed, you’ll have a trustworthy team of security professionals on standby to monitor your property.

Your cannabis dispensary deserves the best in commercial security systems. Turn to Knight Surveillance, Group, Inc., and let us keep your property safe.

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